Saturday 31 December

3 rides as usual, details in the newsletter (out Friday morning and available on download):

Clandon Park led by Mick.
Sportive training ride Mystery Tour organised by Caroline.
OHGOHG organised by Norman.

If you are planning on going on any of them please leave a comment…



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  1. Shall we all do the Treasure Hunt an ditch the Clandon ride? Once we’ve got confirmation of proposed distsnce! 15 or 50 miles?

  2. rides management, good idea, used it once, worked well, be good if it catches on, will be out Sat, be at Stoke D’Ab, at or before the arranged time, Barry G.

  3. Paul Isambard White

    50/50 chance of being out on Saturday. Nil for Sunday.
    Saturday if I’m there I’ll park up close to Stoke D BR station.

  4. Many thanks to both Brian and Caroline for todays Sportive Mystery ride – great fun – please can we have another?
    Andrew adams

  5. Well that worked out well in the end but not for Paul White who went to Stoke d’Abernon alone. Nine of us had an interesting morning in the hills around Chipstead on the Treasure Hunt organized by Brian Harris and Caroline. Everyone got all 10 answers right except the organizers who got the first one wrong.

  6. Good effort Brian and Cazza, turned out to be a really good end of the riding year, a little bit harder than comfy but good anyway, thanks again.

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