(Road Ride) Milk Churn Rudgwick 12/02/17

Road Ride to Milk Churn Rudgewick

Meeting at Cheam Station South Side 09:00am With a Pickup at Merstham Station for 09:45am.

Rider leader is Trevor Hughes

Comment if you are riding.

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  1. Hi not sure which ride I’m commenting to.
    There doesn’t seem to be a link to the Saturday MTB ride.

    Anyway sorry chaps not out this weekend away elsewhere.

    • It would appear it’s something to do with my reading it through the iPad.

      I’m having to double tap the ride title heading to get the comment dialog box to open/show.

  2. I think I will review the weather tomorrow at 18:00hrs. It may be that is it is cold and rainy we may go for a short MTB ride. Trevor

  3. Definitely MTB ride as the forecast is for near freezing temperatures. There was snow and ice in Epsom today and very cold. Further review tomorrow morning at 8am. Trevor

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