Oldie but goodie


Finally ‘finished’! Mick O’Brien’s old Emperor Sport. Resprayed with a few new details, front derailleur hanger added and new cable stop. New kit chosen to complement the frame with a nod to the past.

Thanks to Jake and Gareth at ‘Tatts and Beards Workshop’ in Hnichley Wood for their care and attention on the repairs, paint and putting the bike together – it was great to have the work done so quickly and so locally after thinking about the project so long. Double click on the photo for more detail.



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  1. Steve, the bike is Mick’s H.E. Green racing bike that he got Mick Coward to respray in the 90’s. Mick was never happy with the colour because it did not fully match the original! Whenever I saw him riding it I always used to say what a great colour it was and that was enough to set him off!

    All that you need now is his old bottoms with the patch sown into the crotch and you will look the the authentic article!

  2. Steve, I think it’s a great job, the bike looks great. MEOB is missed but is bike continues to be ridden by someone who will care for it. Mick will appreciate that.
    Looking forward to see out on it, hope your feeling good.

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