MTB Ride Sunday 2 February

Due to the amount of the recent rain and forecasts for further rain, next week’s destination will be a MTB to Horley starting Cheam BR Station South Side 9am with pick-up at Walton-on-Hill pond 9:45am. Note both destination and pick-up points are different to those on the quarterly rides’ list. Please leave a comment if you intend to ride.

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  1. I want to join you, but if I’m not at Cheam at 0900hrs then I’m not attending.
    Still having problems from the throat infection that has now been doing some damage to my tonsils aided by sinus infection.
    I’ve finally given in and I’m off to the doctor tomorrow to let him take a look and hopefully shake his medicine bag around and cure it.
    So it depends on the “doctored up fellow” as to my attendance

  2. Trevor, thanks for leading the ride today, v hard for me but made it back to the start point, good group, muddy mud, and those bloody hills !

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