Monday 4th May 2015 ?

Sunday’s MTB ride to Old Woking was cancelled due to rain at the start.  Does anyone fancy a ride on Monday which has a better forecast (at present?  Cheam 0900?  Where to?  I wouldn’t mind giving MTB to Old Woking another chance but would defer to majority opinion. Mick

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  1. Hi Mick, after our ‘Its off ‘ call this morning, I did venture out, rode from home to Cobham, our original meet place, down Plough Lane, onwards to A3 / M25 interchange, down A3 Ripley direction, Up and over ped bridge to Wisley Gardens, can still ride the bridge, not pretty but got up the steps, thro Wisley to the Village, onto Wey Navigation, to Purford lock, onward towards Walsham lock, dived off left towards Ripley, it was raining, repaired to Coffee shop, nice, then home va Cycle path towards Cobham and home, knacked, not too wet, but pleased I went, not sure about Mon, will be Dog man late morning till after tea time, hope you get some takers, Baz.

  2. Hi Mick
    Good to see you today. Am going to have to do sone work am in preparation for the coming week. Will try to get out on bike later but will not be at Cheam for 9am

    Kind regards


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