Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Isn’t frame design and style boring these days? But it was not always like it is now. Some of the frames and workmanship on this site is mouth-watering. Is there anything more beautiful on a frame than fancy lugs?

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  1. Good post! I wouldn’t say boring but different, you do get some strange looking and proportioned frames nowadays but the finish and fit of all the hi-end kit is unbelievable. I love the old school craftsmanship of the work on this site and think you have to go along way to surpass the beauty, elegance and “rightness” of an old steel framed lugged fixed.

  2. I don’t know Steve. Walking past a local “good” bike shop this morning and looking in the window; the bikes now tend to look the same. Lugs are one thing of course, and my blue Roberts is without lugs but finished beautifully. But now being able to find something that is truely a work of framebuilding art is difficult without going to a framebuilder and stipulating what you want, including the finish.

    It is all down to what one finds gorgeous in a frame I supposed, but frames that are glued together in the far east do not excite me much! I am still toying with the idea of a sixth bike (steel of course) with really fancy lugs!

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