Wednesday 12th July Night Ride

Due to many of the club members being on annual leave only Digger Dave, Mick Curtis and Rohan Dubash met at Nonsuch to go for a ride on what turned out to be a lovely evening weather wise. David after doing a week of charity riding was pretty tired but still lead the small group on a a ride through Nonsuch Park, through Hoeton and Epsom Common and up to the Downs.

Having to be honest with fitness level and capabilities the ride for Dave was cut short at the Downs as physically no more could be done. Rohan being the soldier he is did a loop around Headley before going home, Mick headed his way and David went down towards the Rifleman. Quick beer had by himself before going home.

Cheers for a lovely evening ride both. Riders aee getting back from annual leave so more should be out next Wednesday evening for whay should be our Pizza Club ride to the Wheatsheaf in Ewell



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