TTT training this saturday August 12th

The plan for the TTT training next Saturday on the course at Alfold is as follows.

Meet at Alfold Crossways at 11.00am for 1&3/4 laps of the TTT course with tea at the cafe at Wisborough Green. I’m driving out to Capel and will ride to Alfold at 10.00am. I’m parking at St John the Baptist Church on The Street. I’ll also be at the Organ & Dragon at 9.00am and can take several bikes but just one person in my van. Everyone is welcome to join us. The Sportive Ride is due to go out to Wisborough Green as well.

John Aitken and Jim Harwood have said they may come out.

Mark, do you want a lift from the O&D?

Please let me know if you intend coming

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