Thursday 23rd September OHG ride

Dave Brentnall, Tony Mazolla, Roger Smith and Trevor Hughes with the OHG to Sumners Pond, Barns Green. Clouds, showers and punctures were the order of the day. Thankfully the very heavy showers were during the tea stop at Sumners Pond. The return journey was therefore on very wet roads with riders dodging the deep puddles. Tony was the first to succumb to a puncture and as he rides off the back of the bunch it was not noticed. Dave Brentnall gallantly road back a couple of miles to find him and assist with replacing the inner tube whilst the others waited. After regrouping and a few miles on, two punctures occurred simultaneously. This time Roger Smith was one of the victims although he had recently ridden the length of England without a puncture! Then on to Weare Street to find at the top Terry O’Brian was missing. Trevor and two others returned whilst the others rode on. Terry was at the bottom of Weare Street and after another tube change the three set off for Betchworth and home. A jolly day out, 70 miles at 15 mph from Epsom.

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