The Trevor run out of battery trip to Forest of Dean

So the time came for some members od the Clarencourt to join up with the Kingston Phoenix on their annual pilgrimage to the Forest of Dean Trail Centre for a weekend of flowing trails and drink. This year the members who went were David Clarke, Andy Pearce, Tracey Caudle, Trevor Kyte, Trevor Hughes (did I mention yet his bike battery ran out) as well as a special guest of returning member Dave Rapson.

Everyone bar Dave Rapson who arrived later in the day met at the car park of the bells Hotel. Trevor Hughes collected his e bike from Wye bikes. Wye Bikes provided exceptional service to even those not using their bikes. Cleaning and storage were provided. Much recommended. Just remember e bikes can rut out battery. Have I said that Trevor Hughes did.

The first day was a gentle ride down a club favourite of Countdown and Launchpad. An excellent gravity trail meaning no pedalling is needed and you can get to the cafe at the bottom quickly. However, before out first coffee stop we did the blue trail up. Trevor Hughes was racing past everyone on his E bike gloating about easy it was and asking when the uphill was going to start. Comments he would later regret. As did I say that his bikes battery run out.

The blue trail is a mix of uphill and flowing downs. Very good surfaces and our members are more than capable to do it. I would encourage as many members to go an experience it. Bill arranges small away days to Swinley and bedgebury which can give you a small taste of what to expect. However, one run down the  blue trail at FOD and tou will understand why the flowing tabletops and berms are so popular with the club members. At the bottom we had a coffee and cake. Trevor Hughes raving about his e bike (it ran out battery on Sunday as a spoiler) and how much easier it was making it for him.

After a break we went up the push up trail. Trevor Hughes cycling the whole way (his battery was not flat yet). Back at the hotel we all showered, rested a little we met in the bar for a beer or 2 plus a meal in the restaurant. A decent sleep was had by all. Except Dave Rapson who was disturbed by a noisy radiator.

The second day was much the same (albeit the battery in Trevors bike run out) with much use of the trails had by all. Some used the red but the conditions made this a treacherous decision for some.

After a long day and wanting to miss the rain we headed back to hotel where Dave learned that he would need to wait a bit for Trevor to get his keys from his car. The battery of his bike (not sure if this been mentioned) ran out of battery at th cafe as he had used in turbo mode all day and misjudged its range on the screen. So he bravely pushed the heavy bike all the way up the hill. This meant he finally did did some exercise over the weekend.

The last night some members went for a curry in the local curry house whilst others went for a delicious 3 course meal in a local pub. Little sympathy was given to Trevor and his bikes flat battery. However, he clearly was able to do more than riding than last year and enjoyed himself.

Thank you to Barry Toogood from Kingston Pheonix for arranging again and allowing our club to join them. Much fun was had by all. All jokes aside about the e bike battery situation for Trevor I would recommend Wye Bikes for rental and if anyone does not feel confident in being able to do the ride then an e bike is a great way to go. Likely more will be rented next year. Just don’t make thr mistake of Trevor and use it in Turbo mode whole day as I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned but his battery run out


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