The Trafalgar Way

On the 21st of August cyclists Edward Burge and Paul Loy start a 280mile sprint following the original route of The Trafalgar Way in a bid to raise money for Help for Heroes. The Trafalgar Way is the historic route first used to carry dispatches from the Battle of Trafalgar overland from Falmouth in Cornwall to the Admiralty in London. Back then 19 horses were used to deliver the dispatches in less than 37 hours, we are aiming to beat that on just two bikes!

We were hoping that some of your members, being cyclist themselves, would be kind enough to sponsor us. The route is being done in four grueling stages of six hours each and has never been attempted before by just two cyclists. Help for Heroes is a cause we truly believe in supporting and the aid they deliver to wounded servicemen and women is of great importance and consequence. We think it is worth the pain, exhaustion and chafing we will be going through and we hope you do too! Anyone who would like to can sponsor us at

Alternatively if any of your members would like to join us for the beginning or the end we would love to have you along. We will be leaving Falmouth at 6am on the 21st and arriving in London at Admiralty around 6pm on the 22nd. Simply call 07841 391 626 to find out where we are on the day or for more information. If you could tell your members about the race we’d be very grateful. Cyclists know how important encouragement and support is for an event like this so any messages or donations are greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,
Edward Burge and Paul Loy

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