The Life and Times of an Inexperienced Cyclist…

With the weather forcast set fair and relatively high temperatures predicted I’ve been looking forward with eager anticipation to both Club Runs this weekend. I really want to get into shape and improve this year so I can enter a couple of Sportives, ride the 4 Up and achieve my 50th birthday goal of riding over one of the HC climbs from the Tour de France. As it’s the New Year, and after reading Ev’s blog, I thought I’d give my bike it’s annual clean up so went down to Corridorri to get some chain oil. Bump into Barry in the shop and tell him my plans then ask the guy behind the counter if they sell oil that comes in a bottle that’s easy to get the top off and doesn’t go everywhere when you put in on the chain.

Next day spend 20 minutes trying to get the top off the bottle, eventually doing so with my teeth, then put it on the chain as instructed. Spend the next 20 minutes cleaning all the oil off the floor in my hallway. On Friday I keep checking the weather forcast as there’s lots of rain about. It seems touch and go as the rain is not mean’t to clear up until 9.00am but then temperatures will soar to 11 degrees! It’s looking good.

Wake up at 6.00am and look out the window. Blimey, there’s a monsoon going on out there. At 7.00 it’s still hammering it down. Get’s bright at 8.00 and the rain eases up but the wind is blowing a gale and there are thunder clouds overhead. Surely no one can go out in this weather! Can’t decide whether to take a chance and turn up or go to the gym. 9.00 go outside but there are massive puddles everywhere. Don’t want to ride all the way to the Organ and Dragon get soaked and ride all the way back again so decide to go to the spin class at the gym instead. At 9.30 drive past the O&D on my way to the gym and do a double take. Is that 6 or 7 Clarencourt riders setting off? I can’t believe it. Mind you the weather is looking a lot more promising now. Looks like I’ve made the wrong decision. Arrive at the gym at 9.45. Spin class is full. Seems as though lots of people have made New Year resolutions! Bastards. Never mind tomorrow’s another day. The forcast for the rest of the day and all day Sunday is bright sunshine… Hurray!

Wake up at 6.00am on Sunday and look out the window. Can’t see much but it’s not raining… Hurray! Get my kit on and leave the bike in the hallway. Get’s bright at 8.00am, clean more oil off the floor in the hallway then look out the window. Blimey, it looks a bit frosty out there but at least the sun is shining brightly. It will soon burn that off. Clean more oil off the floor and set off. 30 yards from my house I turn onto the A217. There’s a lot of frost on the road. Hit the deck after 5 yards. Scramble to the grass verge and watch as motorist just misses my bike. Retrieve the bike. Motorist stops to check I’m okay. Small cut and graze on top of my thigh and a bit stiff but all okay. Hobble home. Lucky it’s only 35 yards.

2011 Road Bike Training Schedule to Date
– Miles completed = 10
– Times on deck = 2

At least I’m back at home in time for the United v Liverpool cup game. United 1-0 up in 30 seconds. Gerard sent off after 30 minutes. It’s looking good. I’m looking forward to next weekend and assuming Liverpool don’t mount some monumental comeback I’ll be there. If they do I’ll have committed suicide!

Happy cycling!


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  1. Excellent Billy, hmmm, did I read annual clean, tut tut, so you may want to try more regular cleans and the chain may not reject that nice clean oil, I could offer a tip, after the oiling, a wipe off, whilst turning the crank, will remove surplus oil and save your floor and rags a bit. Glad you survived the tumble, and the car missed your bike, probably worried about damage to the car ! Its good to see that you have a plan for this year, I’m sure you will benefit when the good weather strikes us, keep going, keep rubber side up and turning the pedals. Barry.

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