Letter from America 22nd January

Hi Guys and Gals, It was not until after I had sent last week’s letter that I learnt that Congresswoman Gabriel Clifford, who was shot in the head at Tucson, is a Jew which makes the comment of Sarah Palin on “blood libel” of even greater bad taste if that is possible. She continues to […]

I wouldn't do it like that…

Brian Harris led the Sportive training ride to Clandon with Andy Huddart, Chris Devereux, Andrew Adams, Steve Edgar and Trevor Hughes. Flooded roads and many large dangerous potholes were negotiated as the ride wound its way through Epsom, Ashtead Park, Leatherhead and up to the top of Coombe Bottom then descending and detouring through the […]

Letter from America 8th January

Hi Guys and Gals, Green Iguanas are enduring another rough cold season in Florida. Last winter’s cold temperatures in southern Florida wiped out entire colonies of these non-native lizards. We first came into contact with these docile creatures, which can grow up to as much as five feet in length, in Honduras some three or […]

Letter from America 1st January 2011

Hi Guys and Gals, You all no doubt wonder why I report temperatures from over here in Fahrenheit. To start with I am very much “old school” and rather too lazy to bother to convert to Celsius. More relevant is the fact that America is one of the few countries that still that has not […]