Sunday's ride

Road ride to Tanhosue farm leaving Cheam station south side at 9.00 am meeting at Walton on the Hill led by Trevor Hughesl please comment if you would like to join this ride.

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  1. I am away this weekend in Bristol and will not be able to lead this ride. Would anyone else like to lead the ride? If you are please leave a comment. Thanks Trevor

  2. TH:
    I’m out sunday;
    Let me know which way you’re going to Tan House, off Box Hill Zig Zag, Little Switzeraland or Pebblecombe and I’ll give you the point at which I’ll meet you.
    Text me or email.

  3. Hi Paul.
    Happy to meet you somewhere. Am ssuming it’s not going to snow much and it can’t get any colder than today!
    Anyone planning to leave from Cheam at 9am?
    Andrew Adams

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