Sunday Road Ride 6 July

Note there is a change from the ride in the Briefing Sheet. There will be a short road ride, not MTB, to Tanhouse Farm. I am in Bristol so you will have to organise your own ride by leaving comments here. Trevor

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  1. I can lead a shortish ride to Tanhouse Farm. I need to be home by 12:30, so depending on what time we get there, I may have to shoot off pretty sharpish. Usual meet at Cheam at 9:00am.

    The route is about 45 miles long with about 2500ft of climbing returning up Box Hill or less if back through Leatherhead. If you are on strava, I did the route today.

  2. I’d like to pop along to show off all my gear but am distracted by the Cranleigh 10K to enable a duathlon (of sorts) – wish I’d mentioned about this sooner, as would be fairly appealing to ride there with company.. will be looking to arrive at Cranleigh for 10.30 a.m. ‘ish – run/jog for 50 mins before peddling home.

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