Sunday Ride 26 December

Well, the weather has been cold for a while now. But as I gazed through the wash-kitchen window and saw the thermometer pointing to -6C at 08:00 I knew it was going to be very cold. But not being one who is restricted by not wanting to ride on main roads (though I am getting a bored with it now as I like to mix my riding) I had no reason for not going out, especially as most of the snow has now thawed from my road.

So I pumped up the tyres on the red Roberts, filled up my thermal bottle, stuck a bit of extra insulation down the front of my shorts and bottoms and set out once again for a couple of hours on the A23. I was thinking that there might be a bit more traffic on this Sunday with it being Boxing Day as well and decided to turn around at the County Oak RAB at Flemming Way in Crawley which would be enough on this very cold morning. I was however pleasantly surprised by the lack of traffic and made my way south having no trouble whatsoever in skipping across lanes where the M23 starts at Hooley. The drop down the Mersterham drag however still had icy patches caused by water running off the pavements and freezing in the road. Un-cleared snow was still in evidence around Harps Oak Lane (which is still closed).

It was an uneventful ride out really into a light SW wind, which makes a change as for once I would be getting push home after all of the northerly wind lately making return rides quite miserable and the snow and ice making branching off into the lanes a big no-no. The A23 from Povey Cross to Crawley, past the airport, was wonderful today. Virtually empty and bringing back memories of riding time trials there in the 70’s.

The ride back was uneventful apart from three Addiscombe riders coming past me on their best bikes. Does anyone ride winter bikes anymore? It was a bit faster coming back but I was glad to get home and into the warm again. If it stays cold it will be the same again for me on Tuesday but hopefully the ice and snow will go and I can get into the hills again!

37 miles; 17.3 mph; 2h7m.

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