Sunday Ride 18th August Ride Report

Four riders turned up a Cheam for off, including new rider David who was coming back to riding after an accident. Mick Ayliffe also was there intending to ride down to Alfold on 4up preparations. Not satisfied with his electric bike he is now watching Star Trek videos at home in the hope of installing a matter-anti matter drive!

Together with Andy Huddart, Bomber Harris we set off to Mersterham to meet up with the rest of the ride. Caroline stayed back with David taking a shorter route to meet up with us at the tea stop at Westerham.

We met up with Paul White, Paul Martin, Dave Elliot and Gary McNamara at Merterham and set off via Coopers Hill Lane, Outwood, Horne, Blindley Heath, Lingfield, Haxted and iggy-wiggy lanes to the foot of Crockham Hill using lane and roads not normally used. Big hitters went off the front during the ride to Crockham and managed to miss two turnings!

Much to the horror of the group (but not Paul Martin) we actually went up Crockham before turning right down a long decent to Westerham for tea. Here we bumped into Norman and Christine: small world! Caroline was there having put the suffering David on a train at Oxted. It will get easier David!

We made our way back up Westerham to the top of Titsey, on which I had to deal with a rider who I had to catch and then had the audacity to sit on my wheel! After regrouping at the top of Titsey we made our way home.

A nice ride in good weather. Thanks to all for riding.

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  1. I set out intent on seeing if the battery on the e-bike could get me to Alfold and back so I could distribute the last of the 4-up posters. 62 miles must be about its maximum range on the present settings We may never know as my legs gave out about Newdigate and I staggered into Tanhurst for tea and bun with Cliff and Barry. Ride back with following wind was a bit better. Turns out the e-bike is only part of the answer – but younever know unless you try do you?

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