Sunday Club Run 11 August

Mick Ayliffe turned up at Cheam, sparks flying from his electric bike and lights on the station platform going out due to lack of juice! Informed that he was heading for the tea stop at Tanhurst I set off for Walton-on-the-Hill to link up with Bomber and Gary Mc. We took a different route to Ranmore via taking to Hurst Road to Headly rather than the usual route over Box Hill. White Down and Leith Hill were passed as we descended into Oakley and made our way to Rusper. We linked up with “Our Friend’s Electric” Mick for tea before making off home via Reigate Heath, Gatton Park and Fanny’s.

We had sun, rain, racers (riders who refuse to say good morning) and slightly different roads.

My thanks Bomber and Gary for a great Sunday ride.

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