Sunday 7th May, National Route 4 recce, Reading to Walton Bridge

Four riders met at Reading Station, Bill Martin and Adam Domaingue arriving first were found supping frothy coffee by Myself and Bill Kent upon our arrival.

I led the group out through the back streets of Reading for Bill M to take over once we joined the River Kennet path which is Route 4.

The weather was good, just a slight breeze behind us, overcast but warm enough for the first outing of my track mitts this year.

The route, Reading, Wargrave, Crazies Hill, Cox Green, Maidenhead, Bray, Dorney, Windsor, Windsor Great Park, Staines and on to Walton.

I had a rear puncture in a tubeless tyre which Adam was unfortunate enough to witness as he got the spray from the latex sealant inside! After plugging the 4mm cut, presumably a chunk of glass hidden in the gravel we headed on into a sea of yellow.

We stopped in Cox Green at a pub with a sign saying, ‘Food served all day’ that wasn’t! A quick rehydration of various juices, lemonade, shandy’s, soda etc. was had and we moved on.

The lunch stop was at Dorney House Garden Centre around 2pm, and by then the sun had actually come out. After lunch the next major town was Windsor. The town was very busy celebrating the Coronation and some minor diversions had to be used due to street parties taking place.

Finally out of the town we entered a peaceful Windsor Great Park. Half way across the park I bade farewell to  my pedalling companions and turned west for home whilst they continued east to Walton On Thames.

For what happened after that you’ll have to asks the two Bill’s and Adam.

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