Sunday 7 February MTB ride

MTB ride to Woking starting Cheam BR Station South Side at 9am. Possible pickup at Horton Country Park at 9:45. Paul White is due to meet us in Woking at the estimated time of midday. Please leave a comment if you wish to ride or start from Horton Country Park. Trevor

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  1. hope you are having a good ride, the weather looks perfect, as usual I am chained to the stove
    was out on Thursday with 9 others of the SAS from Brockham, Richard W in the vanguard, had a terrible time trying to keep up with 9 whippets, too fat/unfit lost contact, found cafe by the smell of grilled cheese.
    didn’t try to keep pace coming back from Billinghurst, even considered getting train
    must lose weight/get fit or die trying

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