Sunday 4 August 2019 Horley

We will be leaving Cheam Station at 9.00 south side. Road ride to Horley pick-up at Merstham Station at 9.45. Alternatively off-road ride to Horley with pick up Walton Pond 9:45 and south side Gatton Park at 10:30. Please leave a comment if you are riding and let us know where you are starting or being picked up and which ride you want to do. Approx. 50 miles 14/15 mph road, 10 mph off road. Trevor

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  1. Sorry the Prudential (Berlin) Wall means I can get across to Merstham, but is terrible for getting back.
    Last time it took me five hours to get from Warlingham to Bracknell, M25 solid and all roads around it.

    Have a good ride.

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