Sunday 2nd August MTB Ride

The ride’s first pick-up is at 09:00 at The Swan and Sugar Loaf in Croydon, which is around one minute south of Geoffrey Butler Cycles, where I will lead the ride to the second pick-up point at 10:00 at Woldingham Station (£2.00 parking on Sunday or free in Church Road adjacent to the station).  If starting at Woldingham please ask if there is anyone who would like a lift there (if you have the space).  Please note that the ride from Croydon to Woldingham has climbing there and back.

Forget Ride Surrey, with all its poseurs in Sky jersey’s on £5000 bikes and come and do some proper riding over varied terrain in Surrey and Kent. The terrain is mixed with climbs; single track; descents and some great views. The lunch stop will be at the Haycutter at Hurst Green.

Please note that I will not be at Cheam at 08:30. Riding from Cheam to Croydon. This will take riders meeting at Cheam 20 to 25 minutes.

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  1. Will I be OK on the electric bike Ev? If so, I’ll drive to Woldingham and I could take one other. Where can I get a Sky jersey and a £5K bike by Sunday? Mick

  2. It is the same ride that you did with me about five years ago, the one that went up around the back of the Titsey Plantation up that bloody great climb . It is a “real” mountain bike ride so I do not really know whether your electric bike would cope with it. It has snd, rock and loose surfaces.

    Denbo knows a bloke who can do you A “Deal” on the jersey and the bike.

  3. Will be at Cheam for 8.30am. Not sure if I have done a “real” MTB ride before………all the others must have been figments of my imagination.
    Ev……….do I need a different bike to cope with “snd”??????
    P.S. would like some SKY kit but it is VERY expensive if lunch costs for all are added to sky-high Rapha prices……….ho ho!!

  4. Sorry Ev, can’t make it, riding my very expensive bike in the extreme heat of Tuscany – need to be careful it doesn’t melt! No sky kit though 😉

  5. Andy, how will you ever be able to become a real “racer” without a Team Sky Jersey? I do not think that you are really taking this cycling lark seriously!

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