Sunday 25th February Barbara’s Café – Ride Report

Springtime brings with it the promise of warmer weather and longer days, perfect for cycling adventures. A few members of the embarked on a ride starting from Cheam and heading towards Leatherhead. What ensued was a journey filled with plenty of discussion about cake flavours.

Our small group, consisting of three riders Trevor, Dave and Myself, set out from Cheam South Side Station, Cautiously anticipating the ride due to some frosty conditions. However, as fate would have it the sun was shining and the ground thawed out leaving some better roads (except for the usual potholes), Andrew, who would be joining us at Leatherhead called Trevor to say he was running late plus it was also raining by him. He said for us to continue without him at Leatherhead.

Undeterred, we pressed on, our wheels spinning as we made our way through Epsom and out to the picturesque landscape towards Leatherhead. Our route took us up through Great Dene Lane, where the rolling hills provided both a challenge and a scenic backdrop. Cresting the heights of Combe Lane, we were rewarded with exhilarating descents down Staple Lane, the wind rushing past as we descended. I on my single speed ran out of gears so less speed than usual.

As we pedalled through East Clandon, a familiar face unexpectedly joined our group—Andrew had managed to catch up by taking a more direct route. Now four strong, we continued our journey, navigating roads that were busier than usual due to the closure of the A3.

Our destination was Barbara’s Cafe, a top-secret location I have heard much about and known for its delicious treats. Upon arrival, Andrew was faced with a dilemma—debating whether the cake on offer was orange or chocolate. In the spirit of compromise, he reached an agreement with the owners that it was Chocolate and Orange. I think they must have been having an off day.

With our cravings satisfied and our spirits high, we spent a leisurely hour indulging in post-ride chatter, swapping stories of recent racing exploits in Belgium and elsewhere. Eventually, it was time to bid farewell to our newfound oasis of caffeinated bliss.

Three of us decided to continue our journey towards Leatherhead, while Andrew opted for a more direct route home. At Leatherhead, I parted ways with Trevor and Dave, heading back home to fulfil afternoon family commitments.

Reflecting on the day’s ride, it had been a thoroughly enjoyable adventure. The spring weather had been kind to us, and the company of fellow cyclists had made every mile memorable. As we dispersed, each going our separate ways

Thanks to Trevor for Leading. To Dave and Andrew for the company. Great Ride.


Distance – 41 Miles / 67 KM

Average Speed – 12mph / 20km

Link to Strava Ride – Morning Ride | Ride | Strava


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