CANCELLED Sunday 22 September 2019 Road Ride to Tanhouse Farm

Meeting at Cheam BR Station South Side at 9am. Road Ride to Tanhouse Farm. Pick up Leatherhead BR Station 9:45. 45 miles av 14 – 15 mph Please leave a comment if you wish to ride. Trevor

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  1. Hi Trevor

    I have enquired to join the club and looking to go for my first ride.

    I have just got back into cycling, done 40 miles over last week or so after many years away from it.

    Would love to do the road ride but just wanted to see if I would be too much of novice for this group!

  2. Hi Paul,

    You are very welcome to ride with us. Note it is a road ride this week but not any very steep hills. We do not ride fast so you will be OK. If you want to ride slower we will go at your pace. I note the weather forecast is not very good tomorrow. I will review it and if it is very bad I will post a blog cancelling the ride by 8 o’clock tomorrow morning. I will be leading the ride so if you need to contact me my number 077190 5765. Trevor

  3. Heavy rain in Epsom now and the forecast is worse during the day, so ride cancelled. Very disappointing consider all the good weather this week, particularly yesterday. Next weeks ride is to Horsham. Hope there is going to be some good weather. Trevor

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