Sunday 18 January

Sunday a road ride to Cranleigh Notcutts Garden Centre starting Cheam BR Station South Side 9am with pick-up at Leatherhead BR Station 9:45am. Please leave a comment if you intend to ride.

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  1. I shall take a view on the weather in the morning, I’ll be there if it’s not icy otherwise I shall be on the mtb.

  2. Yes I am weather dependant in the morning too. I broke my >5C guideline this morning and didn’t feel too well so I didn’t get to Stoke d’ Abernon on the MTB ride. I returned from Chessington. So I’ll look at the temperature before I decide tomorrow. Mick

  3. Sorry chaps probably unlikely, but If I’m free, I’ll take the Downs Link on the MTB and see you there for coffee.

    Thanks Mick for being there. Looking at the map beforehand made a whole lot of difference to my memeory and lead us straight through without any problems.
    The ‘Forbidden zone’ was also traversed both ways without any trouble from ‘The Queen’s Soldiers’.

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