Sunday 14 December

Sunday a road ride to Henfold Lake starting Cheam BR Station South Side 9am with pick-up at Leatherhead BR Station 9:45am. Please leave a comment if you intend to ride.

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  1. Decisions, decisions! Was it too frosty to ride safely or not? Trevor and Dave called it off. Andrew Adams, Mick Ayliffe, Bill Martin and Vinny’s pal Mark turned up at Cheam where it was 3 degrees C. Mick decided not to ride having slipped a bit on the way to the station. He left the other three to decide for themselves. Vinny didn’t show because Fulham beat Leeds yesterday and Val was at home making a Christmas pudding.

  2. I went to Pease Pottage and back on the A23 on nice dry roads and little traffic. Very cold but safe underwheel and a nice rising SW wind to blow me home.

  3. I would like to say thank you to Andrew and Bill for taking me out today. I had a really nice ride, I will definitely be back for another in the new year with my father in-law

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