Sunday 10 June

Club ride to Horsham Conservatory. Meet Cheam Station South Side at 9:00. Pick-up at Merstham BR Station at 9:45.

Please leave a comment if you want to ride.



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  1. Hi,

    Having managed a grand total of one Saturday ride and figured that I fall somewhere between the two rides, I’d like to see if I can stick with a Sunday ride if that’s OK, so long as the weather isn’t too torrential.


    • I managed 25 miles this morning to go and pick my car up from its MOT, so given the weather forecast for tomorrow, I won’t be overly devastated if nobody wants to go out!

      If anyone else says they’re going, then I’ll turn up too, but I wouldn’t want anyone to turn out just for me.

  2. Chris, I lead the Sunday rides but I am off to France and other people are away so I do not think there will be a ride particularly considering your point regarding the weather forecast. Therefore unless someone blogs and says they can lead the ride please assume it is cancelled. Very sorry disappointing I know but hope to see you soon. Trevor

    • Oh well, never mind! Hopefully the weather will be better next Sunday and I’ll see some of you then. Looks like a family outing to London instead.

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