St Ybard 2012/4

A much better day today. Sunny cloudless skies and temperatures in the mid 20s. Big banker, Denbo-prepared, breakfast and off they went to Yreix la Perche with Denbo waiting for a while before he set off to meet the all-stars at Pompadour on a road he thought was flat but wasn’t. Mick wrote the post cards and went for a walk around the village during which he picked up a doggy friend “I am de bes’ frien’ ob de dumb an’mals.” No tour on TV but life must go on, I suppose. The aces returned at 4 pm after a hot day in the saddle consuming 3,280 calories and riding 50 miles. Denbo seated by the roadside in mid-afternoon had been accosted by two Frenchie fellows asking was he OK, did he have a mechanical problem and did he need assistance? We think they’d probably recognized him from Cycling Weekly and were after an autograph. More painting and a quick visit to Super-U to empty the shelves, limbo-ing just under the 7,15 pm deadline. Bar B Q lit to incinerate sausages for supper with mash, onions, tomatoes and a good Bordeaux after the ITV4 highlights of the first fortnight. Good quote from Wiggo regarding the carpet-tackers, “There’s enough policemen on this tour so perhaps they’ll catch them and send them to a football match or something.” And so to bed to rest up for noon tomorrow and the start of the major Pyreneean stage to Luchon.

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