St Ybard 2012/2

Well ,the bombshell arrived after last night’s dispatch in the form of an email from Dave Elliot containing a scan of Denis Peacock’s photo and interview published in that day’s Cycling Weekly. Suddenly we were in the distinguished company of a celebrity and we’ll never hear the end of it. Bastille Day dawned here this morning with rain pouring from the sky and masses of reporters crowding around outside vying with each other for a photo or interview with our Uncle Denbo. After breakfast the rain stopped enough for Norman, Trevor, Paul and Martin to go out for 35 miles to Masseret, Lubersac and back through Pompadour. Mick and Denbo took a stroll around the village and Den devoted the rest of the day to producing a gallon of vegetable soup (“I like a bowl of the old loop the loop”) and another “best Spog Bol you’ve ever tasted” which we have all just enjoyed. A few afternoon hours were spent watching the transition stage of theTour from St Paul Trois-Chateaux to Cap d’Agde across roads we know well from our visits to Margon over the years. The last 20kms along the coast road from Sete was particularly exciting with us all screaming our heads off at the TV as yellow jerseyed Wiggo lead out Boassen-Hagen for the sprint where he got a very creditable third. Weather looks a bit more encouraging for tomorrow – perhaps?

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