Saturday's rides

Easy ride Organ and Drgaon 9 am to West Horsley. Contact Mick Ayliffe
Sportive training rdie Orgam and Dragon 9.00 am to Ardinlgly with Brian and Caroline 60 miles.
Please comment if you would like to come on either ride.

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  1. I’ll be at The Organ 0900 but not sure if I’m upto riding to West Horsley. Anyway I’ll start out and see howfar I get. Barry will be at the start too hopefully. Mick

  2. I’ll be there by 9 for the sportive ride. Unlike last week I will remember before I leave home that I need my helmet, rather than when half way there. Also unlike last week I can assure everyone that my cassette lock ring is now properly tightened up. cheers, Mark

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