Saturday 8th July, off road, Clarke’s Cafe Leatherhead

Bill Kent, Trevor Kite, Ed Pegg, Sean Slammon, Mick Curtis, Dave, ‘Digger’ Clarke, myself  and Bill Martin leading met at the usual location. The gamble was on, would we get wet or wouldn’t we, for the thunderstorm warnings had been issued for the day. Heavy spots of rain started as we left on our ride and then minutes later stopped. Some chose waterproofs; some didn’t due to the temperature and humidity.

Our ride was shorter than usual as a contingent of the club were also out to play by the seaside on Sunday’s away day. (Sunday 9th) Bill’s route took us out through Cuddington, Nork and the south east side of Epsom Downs, Headley Court and dropped down into Leatherhead via the River Mole and the back of the Leisure Centre.

The rain had stayed off, but the skies had been seen to be black in the west, so would we get back before a drenching?  After refuelling we set off back through the ‘burbs of Leatherhead, over and under the M25 car park and back through the west side of Epsom Common to Horton Park where I had parked my car.

I made it back dry, but alas the rest of the group heading back to Cheam and beyond got a drenching around fifteen minutes later.

I knew there was a good reason for my always parking out at Horton rather than Cheam! 😉

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