Saturday 7th Aug 21 MTB Ride To Leatherhead.

Three riders out of the initial 5 riders met at Nonsuch Mansion. Dave “The Digger” Clarke, Dave “Big” Rapson and myself Adam “Admo” Domaingue. The sensible ones had stayed away….

It had stopped raining when I left home but drizzling when we met in the park. On arrival Digger Dave mentioned he had lost his front light, so we set off through Nonsuch dodging the park runners to find the missing item. This we, sorry Big Dave did with ease. By then the rain was getting worse but we battled on.

The tea stop had changed from the initial Walton Bridge stop and Leatherhead was the intended stop. Through Horton Park (stopping under a bus shelter on the way) then over to Ashtead Common, then it really started raining. I can safely say in 30 years of cycling it’s the worst I have every rode in. I could just see Big Dave in front of me and the waterproof socks where now just personal swimming pools for my feet.

Luckily by the time we made the main road it had eased off, so we dodged the flooded roads and paths and made our way to Clarks Café for a well-earned breakfast.

By the time we left the sun was out and it was like the rain had never been.

We left Leatherhead via the leisure center riding the BMX ramps, as you do and over the main road up to Ashtead Park and Epsom Common. Big hills after a banker breakfast isn’t the best idea but we made it anyway.

We said goodbye to Dave Clarke as we entered Horton Park and carried on home. A stream next to the golf course had overflowed and was now over not under the path, but we carried on regardless.

We thought we had seen the last of the floods until we entered Meadows Walk on the south side of the Ewell Bypass. It had flooded under the rail bridge, but how deep was it??

Dave negotiated it with ease but alas I hit a submerged Kerb and had to stop. It was up to my knee, not so dry anymore. I left Dave in Cheam village and cycled back to Carshalton, parked my bike up and was let in the back door by my wife “Did you get wet?” she said. I smiled.


Great ride lads. 30.8 wet but fun miles done.






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