Saturday 6th April Off Road to Clarks Cafe

Due to regular leaders for a Saturday taking leave Digger Dave leaf a ride from a different starting point (based on it being closer to where he lives) at Horton Park. A short ride was planned due to promise of extreme wind by the national weather forecasters.

A small group of riders met at 9.45. Consisting on Dave, Bill Kent, Tracey Caudle and Trevor Kite. As it overlapped with the Kingston Pheonix meeting time and place we had an opportunity to catch up with friends from there before we headed our separate ways. Us to Clarks Cafe in Leatherhead and the Phoenix to Claremont Gardens.

Our route took us through the commons to Ashtead Park. The usual route over the M25 was taken and eventually we arrived at Clarks Cafe where not only were we met by Bill Martin but Cam as well. Disappointed that they hadn’t bought us coffees we went to the counter to order breakfast.

On the way back Trevor and Dave chose the hard muddy option through Epsom Common. They met the others by Horton Park where we went our separate ways. Good ride all




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