Saturday 4th May, off road Ockham Bites

Six riders out today in sunny, warmish conditions, Bill Kent, Stuart Downey, Tracy Caudle, Trevor Kite, Mick Curtis and myself leading. The route out, now back to soggy, boggy and muddy after this week’s deluges, Ewell, Chessington South, Claygate Common, Esher Common. It should be mentioned that the local council’s authorisation and declaration that a traffic light controlled crossing at Esher Common would be installed by July 2022 on the busy A244, off the A3 hasn’t materialised. And so horse riders, pedestrians and cyclists are all still having to risk the perils of this crossing point. We waited here a couple of minutes because traffic wouldn’t stop, eventually crossing halfway to force a halt.

After crossing the perilous A244 it was onto Cobham and Downside, (south of Cobham). Due to the shenanigans at the A3/M25 junction this is currently, and has been for over a year our only off road option to access Ockham Bites. We ascended Telegraph Hill to find Bill Martin lurking in the bushes at the top.

We took his elevenses order on ahead whilst he walked back to the cafe. At the cafe Martin Toye was waiting having ridden in by road. The usual refuelling and banter took place in the warmish sun whilst admiring the lovely car park the Highways Agency had created of the A3.

Soon it was time to head back, Bill by car, Martin by road and the rest of use using the Downside, Bookham Common, Leatherhead, Epsom Common and Horton Country park route. Thankfully everyone made it back home before any of the serious rain that was forecast appeared.




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