Saturday 4th April

Anyone interested in a ride on Saturday? Maybe Cranleigh or Smithbrook Kilns (near Cranleigh) or open to suggestions. Please post if you’re interested.

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  1. Forecast seems suitably vague but nothing more than occasional drizzle so I’ll be out. I’ll make it Smithbrook Kilns near Cranleigh with a route of about 70 miles with some options on the way back. Usual 9am meet at Cheam.

  2. I would prefer nearer 50 than 70 as just haven’t done the miles recently-but I guess I can head for home at some point if you two are raring to go!

  3. Ok you lightweights 😉 We’ll do a 50 mile route and stop at Tanhouse Farm and hopefully get there before the Addiscombe fill it up!

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