Saturday 31 March

2 rides leaving as usual at 9.30 from the Organ & Dragon. Details in the newsletter (out Friday morning and available on download):

Club Ride to Henfold led by Mick Ayliffe, Leatherhead Church Pick-Up at 10:15.
Sportive Training Ride to High Beeches led by Brian Harris.

If you are planning on going on any of them please leave a comment…



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  1. Can someone else lead the slow ride from Ewell to Henfold on Saturday please? I plan to go down to Godstone to give Billy, the club racer, a shout of encouragement in the Tooting’s Hilly 21 TT and Barry is off to the Tour of Flanders.

  2. Yes, I’m not out as I’m racing! ……. The blighters have put me off first so I can’t overtake anyone (chance would be a fine thing) Billy

  3. Mick and Billy to Tooting Hilly 21 on a surprisingly chilly morning. Mick did one lap while Billy did two. Boy wonder knocked 2 minutes off last year’s time. Home to warm up by 11 o’clock.

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