Saturday 29th July Epic MTB Ride

Tracey, Trevor K, Rohan and Adam met at Nonsuch mansion in what was pretty miserable weather. Only a passing shower so they ventured on their way to meet the ride leader David Clarke at Horton Park as he was unable to make it to Nonsuch in time due to prior commitments. By the time they arrived the weather was lovely and we were all looking forward to a gentle Saturday ride. Little did we know what was to come.

It started off with a normal route through Epsom Common towards Ashtead Park. Never taking the easy way we ventured through a very overgrown bridleway fortunately only passing one couple walking their dog. They were very hospitable and we were able to keep moving with little fuss. Thank you to them. Not everyone is that patient.

Once at the Downs we went up Ebbisham Road and rode our way to Headley Heath Park. Deciding that David needed to face his demons. We went the route where he once decided to take a little fly. There was though this time a safety branch acting as a fence. So no such risk this time.  After going down the bumpy track at Box Hill we stopped at Rykers for some fuel. Which was going to be needed.

Trevor and Rohan suggested we take a route to Colley Hill and up to a cafe at the top of there. David never taking the easy option said “ok”. There was one climb that even Trevor K had to walk. And we saw some terrible parking. Theory being the cars were left there to avoid any future ULEZ issues.

More riding happened. More breathers were needed by all. Plus plenty of water was drunk. The promise of ice cream never came to fruition. But a good day was had by all. I think we rode around 40 miles. This was not a usual ride and in fact it was more like 3 different rides in all.



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