Saturday 27th January, off road Bockett’s Farm

Five riders out today in the cold, Adam Domaingue, Ed Pegg, Bill Kent, Jenny Lee and myself leading. A little riding through the southern burbs of Ewell got us out towards Epsom Common. We carefully crossed the railway line and headed into a deserted Ashtead Park before the slight climbing started to get up to the Stane Street area east of Ashtead Village. The drop down to Leatherhead was fast and roads were quiet – pity the same couldn’t be said for the trails and loads of dogs!

The crossing point for the River Mole was just south of Leatherhead at the back of the leisure centre and then steeper climbing started at Hawk’s Hill. This is a sharp little climb, only a couple of hundred metres long, but a little tricky in the winter slime and mud. All made it safely and then it was on to the next piece of entertainment.

Trying to cross this 60mph road from right to left to access the bridleway to Bockett’s Farm can only be described as a pain in the butt. Leatherhead has some fast bypass roads and none has a single safe crossing point for pedestrians or cyclists!

We arrived just after 11:00hrs and the 1800’s era Bockett’s barn, which was nice and warm, also a bonus, empty! We re-fuelled in peace and quiet, alas this didn’t last too long as a steady army of people carrying tiny humans, who were mostly miserable or full of sugar, soon ruined the tranquility. It was time to go!

A straightforward direct route back, through Leatherhead, the usual up and over, and then under the M25 junction got us back onto the west side of Epsom Common. The sun began to come out, typical when I’m only a couple of miles from Horton Car park.

Adam took over at Horton Country Park for the journey back to the Cheam and Sutton massive whilst I climbed into the warm car for home.

Good ride lady and gentlemen.

21 odd miles today.

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