Saturday 22nd, off road, Walton Bridge

Five riders at Nonsuch today, Bill Kent, Mick Curtis, Ed Pegg, Sean Slammon and myself leading. It was a weather gamble day, overcast, threatening rain and so I chose a direct route to the Wilde Brunch Cafe. Ewell, Chessington South, Claygate Common, Arbrook Common, Thames Ditton and finally rolling out onto the Thames tow path around a mile east of the cafe.

There was lots of activity on the Thames with emergency services either practicing search and rescue, or there was someone actually missing. We never found out which, but I’ve not found any local news reports stating anyone’s missing, so probably a practice for the next one.

At the cafe we met Barry Gregory and caught up on the news whilst eating things that where vaguely similar to what we’d ordered from a young lady who wasn’t a native English speaker! :-))

The route back was Kempton, Hampton Wick, Bushey Park, where Bill headed for home in Twickenham, and probably missed the rain!

We, on the other hand, after crossing Kingston Bridge began to get wet from persistent rain that lasted the rest of the return journey. Some donned the waterproofs; others like myself decided it was warm water and continued to ride ‘Pennsylvania Summer’ style back. I left the group in the burbs of Chessington to continue on to Cheam and headed back to my car parked in Horton Country Park and a dry change of clothes.

34.7 miles.

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