Saturday 22nd June, off road The Barn Café, Malden Rushett

Four riders out today, Adam Domaingue, Mick Curtis, Myself and Bill Martin leading.
An early puncture for me on the way over from Horton to Nonsuch, courtesy of the local knuckle-draggers and their broken beer bottles. The tyre’s 4mm slit was quickly plugged before too much sealant escaped and I made it to the meeting point on time.

Bill’s route, a little shorter today as more than one of us had commitments to do this afternoon. Nevertheless an interesting ride on trails that had changed over the winter months. Alas more than a few fallen trees were encountered today out in the Surrey wilderness. An open-air tea stop, fortunately the weather behaved itself for the most part being warm, overcast but dry. Good food and drink with lovely scenery.

Pic: Adam Domaingue.

The ride back for me is a short one of only a mile or so as I park in Horton Park. The other three had around nine miles to get home via Epsom Common, Horton Country Park etc.

Good ride chaps and excellent forestry work in the wilderness.

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