Saturday 19th November, off road, Walton on the Hill

Ten riders out on a chilly, overcast day: Bill Kent, Mick Curtis, Jenny Lee, Dave Clarke, Cam Watson, Tracy Caudle, Trevor Kite, Sean Slammon, myself and Bill Martin leading.

The day started off slowly as Trevor arrived on a slow puncture which required a change of inner tube. The new one was installed and immediately made a break for it by jumping the tyre off the rim. It was safely brought under control and forced back in.

Bill’s route was Priest Hill, the residential burbs of Epsom, and then a slow climb up and over Epsom Downs. Some interesting narrow trails and slippery chalk gullies took us to Walton. Alas for most of the time the sun refused to come out and it was chilly, so we decided to sit inside the cafe.

After the ten of us had finished the invasion of the cafe we headed back on iggy wiggy trails through the back of Tadworth, Burgh Heath and Nork. The group began to split up at this point and head in various directions for home. Dave, Cam and myself headed towards Horton via Ewell for home, and I to the car parked in the country park.

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