Saturday 13th April, off road Wilde Brunch, Walton Bridge

Four riders out today; Adam Domaingue, Ed Pegg, Dave Clarke and myself leading. The weather was mild, slightly overcast, but with the promise of clearing skies mid-morning.

The route was Hogsmill River to Kingston, Bushey Park, Hampton Wick, Kempton Park and finally crossing the Thames at Walton. Kingston was strangely quiet, not a lot of traffic about, which made the right hand turn to Bushey Park very much easier. The deer were nowhere to be seen and we crossed the park with very little interruption.

Soon we were in the suburbs of Hampton Wick and Kempton, again with very little traffic. In fact ironically most of the delays were caused by traversing roads being used by other groups of road cyclists, and also the bunches of horse riders on the way back in the Claygate area. We made it to the Wilde Brunch Cafe at 11:15hrs, right on schedule, and once again, reasonably quiet for a Saturday, very mysterious!

The usual mix of healthy, and not so healthy, items was consumed and about midday we started our way back. A short mile or so along the Thames east before heading into Thames Ditton, Esher Commmon, Arbrook Common, south of Claygate and then through Chessington South. We then parted company in Horton Country Park for various home destinations.

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