Ride Report Sunday 28th Road Ride to Oxted

On a crisp Sunday morning, with the promise of adventure and camaraderie, a group of cycling enthusiasts embarked on a leisurely ride towards Oxted. Setting off at a relaxed pace.

Our route took us through Banstead and winding down into Chipstead Valley via Park Road. The gentle descent offered a perfect warm-up for the challenges that lay ahead.

As the terrain began to undulate, we faced our first significant test of the day: Hazlewood Lane. With determination and shared encouragement, each member of our group conquered the ascent, reaching the summit.

From there, the journey unfolded smoothly as we meandered along High Road, enjoying the serene countryside views and warm sunshine. Descending into Gatton Bottom we went with caution. As the road is covered with trees this time of year it would be wise to keep descending slow so not to slip on ice.

Our path continued through Merstham, with the anticipation of a warm coffee and a breakfast bun spurring us forward. As we ventured towards Bletchingly, the rolling hills offered a welcome respite, allowing us to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings.

However, our final challenge on the outward journey awaited us on Hall Hill. Despite the fatigue setting in, we tackled the ascent with determination, fueled by the promise of a well-deserved break.

Arriving in Oxted, our thoughts turned to refuelling and relaxation. We unanimously decided to stop at the Wetherspoons by the Railway Station, where steaming cups of coffee and delicious breakfast buns awaited us. I went with Egg on toast and got three yokes for the price of to. My luck must be up best get a lottery ticket!!

We sat together, recounting the highlights of our journey and sharing stories of past rides and people we have all met over the years.

With our bodies replenished and spirits high we prepared to head back home.

On our journey back, we collectively decided to bypass the challenge of Tandridge Hill Lane, opting instead for the more manageable ascent of Flower Lane. From the summit of Flower Lane, the descent was a leisurely roll past Woldingham School and into Whyteleafe. At this point, I bid farewell to the group and set off for home.

Initially, my legs felt surprisingly strong considering I hadn’t ridden since before Christmas. However, that perception quickly changed as I attempted to tackle Salmons Lane. Known for its demanding climb, today it felt even more challenging, perhaps due to the added holiday indulgence.

Upon reaching the top, I took a shortcut across to Old Coulsdon, then descended into Coulsdon itself. From there, I followed my usual route home, tracing the familiar path along Chipstead Valley Road, ascending Holly Lane, and finally arriving back in Banstead.

Reflecting on the morning’s ride, I realized how much I had missed the camaraderie of a club run. I thoroughly enjoyed the company and banter, and I’m grateful to Trevor for leading the way, as well as to Dave and Sean for their companionship, which made our Sunday morning outing truly memorable.

Stats for the ride

Total Miles: 40Miles

Avg Speed: 11mph

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