Ride report: Saturday 29th October, off road Clarke’s Cafe, Leatherhead

Seven riders out today: Bill Kent, Mick Curtis, Jenny Lee, Sean Slammon, Trevor Kite, myself and Dave Rapson leading.

The weather was unseasonably warm for the end of October, hovering around 16°C (61F) although skies were overcast. We set off at 09:30hrs, which is a little unusual, and headed out through Ewell along one of the various routes we use to get to Horton Park.

We made an unscheduled pit stop at my car, parked in Horton, so I could change from full gloves to mitts, such was the warmth of the day. Our short route out took us across Ashtead Common, and through the residential streets to Leatherhead.

After elevenses at the Halloween-decorated cafe the group split in two. Trevor Kite fancied some hills on the way back and so did Dave Rapson. They headed off towards Epsom Downs. I took our group of five on a more sedate, flatter route back. So on the return, through more residential streets, over the M25 car park and back along the westernmost edge of Epsom Common for Horton Park.

There Mick Curtis lead them back the final leg to Cheam and beyond.

20 miles today.

Paul White

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