Ride report: Saturday 16th October, MTB East Molesey

Three riders met at Nonsuch Mansion at the designated 09:15hrs start time: Mick Curtis, Dave Clarke and myself leading. The ride was to be a short and steady one out to East Molesey avoiding any steep hills due to my recent knee injury and this being my first ride in three weeks.

It was overcast. However, the MET Office gave us a good forecast of “Low chance of precipitation.” There was little wind and so the ride commenced out the back of Nonsuch avoiding all the park runners and joining the Hogsmill river at Ewell. As we were riding towards Tolworth a little drizzle started, which by the time we got to Kingston market was fully blown rain.  Still, “Low Chance of Precipitation” the MET Office said!

We trundled on over Kingston Bridge and onto the Thames Towpath and within half a mile it was hammering it down, still not to worry the MET Office said, “Low chance of precipitation” and so we forged on.

At Hampton Court Bridge we approached the ‘Toucan crossing’ alas everyone failed to notice the torrents of water flooding off the bridge gradients, but a helpful truck driver generated a wave that a Hawaiian surfer would be proud of and everyone there was then soaked down to their family jewels! We carried on, as the MET Office said, “Low chance of precipitation.”

We finally arrived at East Molesey Cricket Club for elevenses. We poured ourselves into the cafe and proceeded to flood their floor. Hot food and drink was purchased whilst we watched the “Low chance of precipitation” bucket down outside. After around an hour there was a faint glimmer in the sky which we all hoped was indeed the “Low chance of precipitation” arriving just a bit late.

The ride back was a little subdued, alas despite us all wearing waterproof jackets there were still soggy feet and hands to contend with. The problem of wet feet is something I am somewhat unfamiliar with as I would normally be wearing waterproof socks, but of course today I didn’t wear them because yes, you guessed it, “Low chance of precipitation!”

The ride back was squidgy and wet but uneventful. We pretty much followed the way we’d ridden out in an attempt to get back before the “Low chance of precipitation” started again. This we managed to do with all three of us parting for home around the Chessington area.

Good ride chaps, and  27.5 miles for me and a knee that felt much better after the ride than before.

I wonder if the MET Office needs to upgrade their computer weather modelling systems from Windows 3.1!!! 🤔

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