OHG ride 29 April 2011

Billy, Ray and Trevor with 10 other OHG riders to Camellia Botnar to meet Brian Staples. Fast ride of 31 miles to the coffee stop at 16.4 mph and this speed was achieved despite several slow sections of the ride where they were waiting for riders. The ride was more like the Tuesday fast ride! Dave Gill was away on holiday so the faster riders were taking liberties. Trevor road back via Dorking and was climbing the “mountain” with tired legs into Leatherhead when he suffered a puncture. A mountain as it always seems after a long ride although it is only a small hill. At the top of the hill by the church there is a green area with a bench, which was most suitable for sitting in the sun to mend a puncture. 75 mile round trip from Epsom at 15.40 average mph. Click on this link for map and details of the ride – http://connect.garmin.com/activity/82253747

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