Hythe Away-Day 5th May 2011

Ten riders turned out for the Hythe ride. Norman Luhr, Mick Ayliffe, Billy “the bike” Macnamara, Ev Q, Olly “the Bro” of Q, Trevor Hughes, Barry Gregory, Paul “Silver Fairy boots” Martin, Bob Green and Isambard White.

All riders made it to Dungeness in good time and dry. After suitable eleven’s and comments about gas torching a polluting steam engine, parked up for the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway we set off into gale force winds and rain. We’d watched the rain start through the window of the cafe and knew it wasn’t going to be pleasant.

At Lyde roundabout I gave the option to ride directly to the pub or to do the loop to Rye as the rain was like stair rods. Alas there’s always one that seems to think it’s a good idea to do the whole route whatever the cost, naturally after he’d shaken his fist about at the others we headed out around the loop to Camber Sands.
It was at that point we notice Paul Martin had snuck off with Mick Ayliffe. Mr Ayliffe had already stated he was doing a shorter ride and had authorisation from the ride leader. Mr Martin had not.
Obviously the silver fairy boot overshoes he was wearing did not produce the magic he’d been promised by the shop.

With those two fellows safely in the pub early and out of the torrential rain, the main group were still hammering around towards Camber Sands. Camber Sands was deserted. Obviously no burk was stupid enough to be out in the rain. (Please note Olly) At the turning for Rye I once again gave the group the options, go left and do a thirteen mile loop to pub, go right and do four miles to pub.

Without to much surprise most of the group opted for the right hand turn four miles to the pub option. Olly and I had lead all the way round from Lyde so we put a couple of faithful’s on to the front, Ev and Trevor and had them set the pace into the wind.

The pub was reached and food etc was consumed. Out of the window the rain showed no sign of abetting, so we donned our soggy gear and headed out into the rain with thirteen miles to do back to Hythe.

I’m not sure what happened after we left the pub, and I suspect it was Paul Martin’s silver fairy overshoe that caused it. Clearly they were sold to him by a naughty Hobgoblin, but both groups got lost within three miles of the pub, including the glorious leader of the ride yours truly, who’s been running it for well over thirteen years!. Not only that, but crew split, and took two very different routes back to Hythe. Apart from Paul Martin’s fairly boots acting up, the only other reason I can think of was a change in pub lunch stop and the blinding rain when we left making it difficult to see where you were going.

We all arrived back in Hythe around 1530hrs some had a lot of punctures on the way back and some, (if you’d of waited for the ride leader) had NONE!

With Paul Martin’s Goblin sold silver overshoes going into over drive on the mischief front on the way back, we found due to the heavy rain, that M25, Bluewater closed and also our favourite M25 Reigate to Leatherhead closed. Not sure if if everyone’s home yet, but I can tell you how to get home to my house in Warfield, Bracknell if M25 close and also A322 (main dual carriageway into Bracknell) closed for resurfacing all weekend.

Get off Godstone.
Caterham Hill.
Fanny’s Farm Lane.
Babylon Lane.
217 north bound.
Walton on the Hill.
Givon’s Grove.
East Horsley.
West Horsley.
Maybury Hill.
Virginia Water.
And finally home.

I hope everyone enjoyed the ride, and don’t forget Isle of Wight ride Sunday 21st August. Bring your waterproofs and Seal Skin waterproof socks!!!

Paul White.

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  1. It has been now found out that Paul Martin’s fairy overshoes, were in fact, sold to him by evil hobgoblins, or, he had drunk a lot of evil Hobgoblin before he purchased them. Thus, they lead him away from the lunch stop without him knowing what he was doing leading to the split in the ride.

    Remember kids: the club that sticks together will get lost together!

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