Friday 28th July away day, off road Worth Way and Tilgate Forest

Five riders set off from Tracy’s place at East Grinstead: Tracy Caudle, Jackie Townsend, Trevor Kite, Bill Martin and myself. Despite the BBC forecast of ‘No precipitation expected,’ we departed in drizzle! The humidity was high and the temperature in the mid 70’s, so Summer in Britain. Fortunately around half hour later into the ride the rain stopped, but it did continued to be overcast most of the day.

Our route followed the course of an old railway track bed that ran between Three Bridges and East Grinstead now called ‘The Worth Way.’ At Crawley Down Tracy pointed out the old pictures of the station, now totally buried under housing, that were on display in an estate agent’s window.

A little further on we stopped for elevenses near Rudgwick, and various hot liquids and the last of their stocks of toasted tea cakes were consumed.

After a couple more miles along the railway path it was on to the technical stuff – hills, undulating terrain, clay, bogs, streams of doom etc, led by Trevor & Tracy in Tilgate Forest. (See map)

Lunch was at the lakeside Cafe at Tilgate Park Country Park, various baps, with either animal or vegetable as their content, were consumed, and a shout out to a cafe owner with a sign stating ‘We prefer cash!’

The return route was less strenuous after the excitement of being ‘Deep in the bush’ of Tilgate Forest’s lesser used corners. The return used byways to get us back to the Worth Way trackbed and the seven mile gradual gradient back up to East Grinstead.

Good ride chaps & chapesses, very enjoyable.

Rider pictures: Jackie Townsend.

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