4up Team Time Trial 2016

Thanks to you all for your contribution to yesterday’s successful 4-up, our 38th promotion of this event.

Weren’t we lucky with the weather?

As we locked up the hall the predicted heavy rain started and we drove home in a very heavy downpour which would have spoiled the afternoon for us all.

We got favourable comments on the race from all sides – well perhaps not from some of the motorists but thanks for handling these appropriately.

Despite a few late adjustments to personnel and location it all seemed to go off well.

“No shipwrecks and nobody drownded, ‘fact nothing to laugh at at all!”

Sigma were clear winners again with previous winners London Dynamo as runners up.  Most impressive were the performances of the two Junior teams.

Should we do it all again next year I hope you will respond positively again to the call, “Mick needs you!”

Any feedback would be appreciated.

If you would like to see the results please click here

Pictures to follow soon.

Thanks again,

Mick Ayliffe, The Clarencourt and The Surrey League


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