4-up Sat 8th September

Just a quick note to thank all concerned at the weekend, team mates and volunteers alike, it was my first TT and racing experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.  Despite the 4 of us having never ridden together as a team before, the practice that we were able to cobble together as splintered groups in the holiday ruined weeks before the event paid off, so thanks to Mick for the advice.   After the first couple of miles we settled into a nice rhythm and with some communication from “Yeller” Mcnamara we were able to make the most of things up a couple of inclines and into some corners.  Unfortunately we lost Mark to a puncture about 6 miles into the second lap when a shiny new drawing pin somehow found its way into his front tyre (sabotage I tell you!) so we continued as a three as previously agreed and came in with a time of 1h34.38 having inevitably slowed a bit on the second lap.  I’m not sure if Billy or me won the sprint at the end (I’m sure it looked like Cavendish and Greipel in a slow bicycle race to the impartial observer) but in our excitement we’d forgotten to wait for Andy at that point – nothing if not professional…!!   Still, it gives us something to work on ahead of next year, where all being well we can go even quicker.    

Thanks again to all.  Mark, Andy, Billy – it was a pleasure riding with you.


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  1. And thanks from me too, to all the marshalls, helpers, cake and tea ladies, IT experts, timer, other organisers and team mates. It was a good experience, despite my puncture, of proper racing. I understand that we 4 now each have one point in the Surrey Racing League, for taking part.

  2. And many thanks from me too. I’ll make sure I don’t have such a good holiday before next year’s race so I can contest the final sprint!

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